I am organizing a sea kayak expedition from Quoddy Head Light, Maine to Key West Florida starting April 30th, 2017 to bring awareness to Mission 22’s cause to end veterans committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day so that they can get the help they deserve.

This is over 2,000 miles of open water so expert kayakers only. You will supply your own equipment food etc. We will be camping as much as we can. I would like everyone to have 5 days of food and 6 days of water and a first aid kit. Depending on conditions we may have to think about rationing. Also  a dolley to transport your kayak on land.

I will provide the information we need to talk about the cause and to raise money for the cause. We will ask people to donate directly to the cause as it would be difficult to collect funds while kayaking. They can let Mission 22 know the donation was a result of talking with us.

So as not to take funds from Mission 22 I have a GOFUNDME rkwvuqb8 to raise funds for myself to upgrade my equipment. I am paying for all my expenses related to the trip.

Joe Mullin Mission 22