June 19, 2018 Mission22

Going to Mission BBQ to set up fund raiser. Trying to get to Memorial in Norfolk.

Talked with news desk of channel 13 this morning.

Mission BBQ might disappoint me waiting to hear.

5.11 Tactical is thrilled to have us join their event Saturday.

Trying to find other places to hold events. Great Outdoor outfitters and REI may be 2 other possibilities. Waiting to hear tomorrow.

Removed keel tape what was left. Cut fiberglass cloth into 4″ wide strips. Put strips on keel. Will sand tomorrow and maybe put last 2 strips on to protect more bottom. Then sand and put on final resin.

There are 2 cracks in back drywell that need addressed.


June18 2018 Mission22

Woke up to back ache I guess I pushed to hard yesterday. Had breakfast, went to office to square away registration since I came in so late.

Went to camp store to get milk and razors.

Broke camp now to wait for sister and husband to pick me up.

June 17, 2018 Mission22

Got up early, had cheeder grits for breakfast. broke camp and launched.

Had to walk past a few Assateague horses on way to bay.

Hadn’t slept well back was already sore so it was a 3 aspirin morning.

Had to do a number of stops to calm back down as it was also effecting my legs. the 2

I made Chincoteague island made reservations at KOA who gives veteran discounts. Now to get me and yak there.

Took out at Capt. Bob’s ramp then started 4 mile walk to camp. I would like to thank J&B cold cuts for the food. Greatly appreciated.

KOA Chincoteague has raised beds for tents and it has a light so you can see. Made set up really easy. Smart idea.

June 16, 2018 Mission22

Met Don and Nicole today. Don is an army vet and has a friend and former comrade doing a 22 day race to Alaska for various veteram charities. Top of the list is Mission22. So Don came over to ask me about it as i had the banner up.

I called my sister and her husband and they informed me they were going to Annapolis to spend fathers day with their daughter Allison. They said they were coming home the eastern shore Monday and could pick me up at toll booth.

I checked my chart and its 75 nm i have to cover in 1.5 days. So tomorrow is early departure and 10 hrs to travel 60 nm. Then the 15 nm can be covered in 3 hrs the next morning.

I will then be back in my hometown for a number of days.

June 15, 2018 Mission22

Left beach at Deleware Seashore thanks to Bill and Karen. Also thanks to them for letting me set up on their site and feeding me.

Found out that Ocean City, MD has one of the dumbest rules that i have heard of, according to the female lifeguard, you can’t paddle any closer than 100 yards of shore while the lifeguards are on duty. This is for safety, but you can go out and paddle in the boat lane where they don’t respect you nor care about your safety.

I made it into the inlet where i met the rednexk yatch club. actual families on a pobtoon boat. We had a lot of great laughs especially about turtle heads. The hilarity was trying to get a picture of this turtle’s head. As soon as you were ready to hit the button it would submerge.

After exploring options for camp site I found one at Assoteague State park. The race was on. Ocean City inlet to Rt661 bridge to ranger station by 10 pm. Made bridge and street by 9:41pm. The woman running registrations saw me walking and took pity on me and turned around to open the office for me.

Camp set up by 1:21 am and sleep.

June 14, 2018 Mission22

Made breakfast, oatmeal and hot chocolate. However, it wasn’t enough so a trip to campstore for 2 bottles of chocolate milk. Now i can break camp pack the yak and go.

While portaging yak to beach i met a couple with 2 great danes. We talked about the Mission they were really interested.

Talked with the owner of Quest kayak shop about the waters i was heading into. Good to have intel. I got a picture of me and the kid working there.

I then had a father and son help me get the yak through the soft sand to the hard sand. A woman stopped to take my picture with the yak to talk about it at school.

I launched into very shallow water, it was hard manuevering to the point. There i met some turbulent water 3-4 feet high crashing over bow. I paddled hard to get past it then as i round the point i see a rip going from beach out a few miles. Really?!

I headed for the beach to portage around it but got sucked into it. Hard vigorous paddling to get out of the t and to the beach. While portaging i spotted 4 dolphins close to shore.

1st attempt at surf launch ended with me sideways. 2nd attempt without skirt ended with me outside breakers in an unstable yak with a half a cockpit full of water. Bailing like crazy.

I paddled all the way to the inlet before pulling in and landing. Had to get guy standing there to pull me in a little so i could get out. Steep beaches aee bad for surf landings as it wants to slide you back into surf.

Luckily there is a campground on both sides of inlet. While i was making reservations Karen aoroached me and said i could set up my tent on their site. She introduced me to Bill and then made me dinner.

Set up tent and sleeping gear and went to bed.

June 12, 2018 Mission22

Stayed in SurfCoaster hotel last nite.

Launched from Uri’s restaurant parking lot where i took out from.

Finally got to the ferry. The ferry company treated me very well saving me lots of money.

Arrived in Deleware just after 6 pm.

Cape Henlopen State Park is a mile away. Got a water and electric site for 2 nights.

June11, 2018 Mission22

Stayed in an unusual place last night. The hotel is called Coast hotel adult only. It is attached to a pizza joint a liquor store and a club called Lacosta. You can find this place in Sea Isle Cith, NJ.

On the way to the boat ramp this morning I stopped at the visitor center. I was given a pamphlet telling me where i could get veteran discounts and a veterans beach tag. I was also interviewed and pictures taken for the local paper. I might get a pr job when i am done.

The women of Sea Isle City visitor center.

I arrived at the ramp to see a 4-5 knot current ripping by the ramp from the bridge with lots of eddies. Well hurry and wait as we say.

I am heading to Cape May to catch the ferry but first i have to stop at West Marine for a new vhf radio as mine won’t take a charge. The radio is an essential piece of safety gear.

Ran into issues trying to get to Wildwood.  Tide changed wind picked up chop built to 3 to 4 ft. Then i make it to a bridge to find 7 knot current with eddies, not worth risking safety. I waited awhile then portaged yak across the road and kept going.

Ended up stopping at Wildwood for dinner and hotel.


June 10, 2018

Dave and I went to warehouse to pick up kayak and put it on the trailer. Not bad for 2 old men to lift that loaded kayak onto the rack.

Went to launch site. I talked for awhile to the attendant. Great way to get information. Talked with my gf to go over days plans for each of us.

Started heading to Cape May. I had paddled for a few hours and needed a break. I found a small beach next to a state boat ramp. Talked with the attendants for awhile and a group on bicycles. A few pictures taken of me and kayak.

Launched and headed for a place to eat. Right after the bridge there was an inn and a shack with tables and unbrellas on the beach. Good stop. Staff was interested in the mission and bought my lunch. I gave them all bracelets and gave a few stickers. The bartender put a sticker in the beer cooler so everyone could see.

I talked to a few customers one who gave me cash donation.

I was asked about the guy rowing the atlantic whose boat washed ashore. I was told he was at the bar the day before.

As i paddled down the bay in a remote area I spot his boat then I spot Duncan Hutchinson so I hailed him and pulled into a slip. We exchanged missions and talked about issues. I gave him a Mission22 bracelet.

I wish him the best of luck as he is as dedicated and determined as I to his cause.

The weather is turning for the worse. Stopped at Sea Isle City for the night.

Duncan Hutchinson