Day 104 Mission22

Well back to vision works. The sunglass frame I picked out yesterday won’t work. Back to pick out new frame. Get fitted for both frames.  Wait 10 days for glasses to be ready.

Waiting to hear answers from WPLM, and Current Design kayak

Got my new burn pot for my Biolite campstove.

Day 101 Mission22

While still on land I decided to help my gf  out by draining her fish pond and scrubbing the liner patching some holes from a dog. Filling it back up.

Also been emailing Hayward Pool about her system. We think we got it figured out

Have a radio interview at. 8:30 AM at WPLM-FM Easy 99.1

Day 100 Mission22

I contacted the company that is supposed to be sending me a replacement part. They sent me the tracking number. When I put the tracking number into the system it tells me that the deliverer is still waiting for package.

I have an eye exam on Friday as I can no longer read the small print on the chart or other things. It’s tough getting old lol.

I am hoping the Mission22 state leader can put together an event while I am still here. It would be great to meet other Ambassadors and spread the word together.

When I am ready to get back on the water I will send out a shout to the Connecticut state leader to get something set up in Mystic hopefully at the historic seaport.

I am still working on a new kayak for the rest of the trip. I would like a Current Design Soltice Titan GT with a few upgrades.

Day 99 Mission22

I went to post office to pick up package. It was from Smart Track Control. Andrew sent me a whole new bracket and spare springs. A big thank you to Andrew for coming through for me. 

Still waiting for Biolite new cockpit. It would me great if they shipped me the new best model.

Still waiting to hear from Current Design. If anyone knows someone that works there please pnrovid be me a connection, it would be greatly appreciated.

Old bracket missing pin out of small post.

New bracket with pin in place. Top of bracket.

New bracket installed.

Job complete and tested.

Day 98 Mission22

Still waiting for 2 items and to hear from Current Designs. I hope they see the importance of my journey and sponsor me.

I am busy plotting out my first day or two on my chart.

I need to get my eyes checked and get glasses. The small print on the charts is hard to read without help even with my glasses on. I hate getting old lol!

I need a scale to weigh everything and make adjustments.

Day 97 Mission22

Charts and first aid dry behave arrived. Awaiting cockpit and whiz pin.

While talking with a Nam get today about our service and M22 another gentlemen took my picture and information and shared it withfishetmendoes as far as New Jersey. He contacted the head of a surfcadters organization about possible sponsorship or helping anyway the can. He also contacted someone he knew that reps kayaks to see how he could help.

Good day I would say.

Day 96 Mission22

Smart Track Rudder Control is sending me repair parts! Thank you Smart Track!!

Trying to get more sponsors and hopefully a new kayak from Current Designs.

I had a few “expert” kayakers suggest I call it quits after 920 NM. I have had a few set backs and some equipment issues. But I don’t know what the word quit means. I have analyzed each and every situation and have learned from each.

My son put a posting on Facebook asking everyone to comment with support for me.

Here is his post.

My Dad has been getting some flak from other “expert” kayakers recently. I don’t think he started this adventure thinking it was going to be a simple quick trip. That said I’m sure he never anticipated the issues he’s had as far as equipment falling apart. Nonetheless the negativity is starting to wear on him. What he’s doing is a huge risk that he’s honored to take for fellow vets. I couldn’t be more proud of him even if I worry constantly. He has no one following him in a chase boat or car. He’s carrying all his supplies with him. He doesn’t have huge corporations sponsoring him, or helping at all. If you have been following my Dad at all and could take a second to send him a message of support it would be greatly appreciated.

So please comment.

I am waiting for all my orders to come in. I will once again reduce the weight if I continue with my current kayak.

I am trying to get Current Designs to sponsor me with a Soltice Titan GT. I feel this is a better kayak for this type of trip in the conditions I am kayaking in.

Day 95 Mission22

2 setbacks today. Austin Kayak says I would have to buy complete repair kit for just the pin and are not sure it is in the kit. Second my letter that I sent to Current Designs failed so I had to resend it again.

I will have to fabricate a pin  or come up with a good solution.