August 15, 2018 Mission22

Well after a night of hard rains andand tstorms my stuff is wet. I am staying one more day to let things dry out.

Had to move camp and set up again.

had to buy stakes and hammer as ground is hard and rocky.

I got good news this morning. I have an Ambassador who will Portage me around the algae plume on the east coast.


August 14, 2018 Mission22

Took day off sort of. Played tourist,an art took shuttle downtown them took wa tour of downtown then caughtau ferry to Fort Sumpter. Spent an hour at the fort ferry back bus to visitor center bus to campground.

Lady at visitor center was making products out of sweet grass, An art brought over from Africa by the slaves. Washable long lasting and beautiful.

Had a long and interesting conversation.

Concludedshe wasn’t working but performing a labor of love. It certainly showed in her products.

Called LLBean about broken tent pole. They are shipping replacement set to my brother in Florida.

Think I will head to pool.

August 13, 2018 Mission22

Time to pack up and get to Charleston, SC.

Peggy drove through a heavy thunderstorm in Georgia.Got to campground got site unloaded set up.we tent. Said our goodbyes so Carl n Peg could get back on road.

Checked out camp store bought milk.

so hot n humid didn’t put fly on but with chance of rain put tarp a foot over the tent

tough note falling asleep.

Called Beverly to wish her happy birthday.

August 12, 2018 Mission22

Kayak is dry! Time to clean up.

Did last minute laundry today.

We are going to visit an aunt I haven’t seen in years.

Tonight is final check of all my gear before heading back to South Carolina.

Today my girlfriend ran a half marathon for her birthday. She came in 2nd in her age group. I am so proud of her. She ran in East Providence RI in the rain. She ran a 2:32:52 great for a 61 yo about to turn 62 tomorrow.

August 10,11 2018 Mission22

Drydock work coming along. It got humid so it took a little longer for last batch of resin to harden.

Masked off area to be sprayed. I should have also tapped newspaper to cover exposed areas of kayak. Good old acetone cleaned up the overspray nicely.

I am hoping the bed liner spray lives up to its ruggedness. It went on sort of thin and I had enough for 2 coats 3 on the keel and stern.

Help needed for Florida

Well I made it to South Carolina and found out about the green algae from Lake O going to both coast and the red tide mainly on the gulf side.

For the safety of my own health this has put a big damper on my mission.

So spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law in Florida I have come up with a plan but it requires help from people in Florida.

I will resume my mission in Charleston, SC and continue south. I will paddle the Florida coast down to Cocoa Beach, then I will need a transport to the other side of Miami, past the green algae plume, to resume the trip to Key West.

I will paddle the gulf side defendant on the algae red tide situation to just before the polluted waters. Then again I will need transport around into safe waters. This process will be repeated all along the gulf coast and panhandle of Florida.

Please comment on areas/locations you know are polluted and if there is a way you can help. Thank You.


I will be returning to Charleston, SC on Monday to continue my mission.

August 8,9 2018 Mission22

Drove to Cyrstal River to West Marine to pick up supplies. The young salesman was actually fairly knowledgeable about resins and glass.

We talked about protecting the keel and he had 2 products which were both tapes one of which I already used. We talked about the bedliner spray which we all talked about the pros.

Today I went to work prepping the boat for the patches. Applied the glass to the kayak and even applied 2nd coat of resin n hardener. once that all hardens I can scuff it and apply bedliner spray after I mask it off.

August 7, 2018 Mission22

My brother and his wife showed up last night and we went for dinner.

I have a 9 am interview with the local newspaper.

Then we are off to Florida.

We reached the Villages in Florida and went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Outside I met David Booth and others fundraising for Combat Veterans to Careers. Another great organization to help our combat vets to transition back to civilian life.

August 5, 6, 2018 Mission22

Talked with my daughter, brother, son and girlfriend last night.

I have concerns about kayaking the coast of Florida with their polluted waters.

I am staying put for 2 days then my brother is coming up from Florida to pick me up for a few days so I can think and discuss my options for the future of this trip.

Still don’t have my radio yet.

My brother is coming up to pick me up and I have an interview with local reporter in the morning.