Training and computer issues

My computer has been down and in thew shop for a few weeks. I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 10. Discovered my L isn’t working so if I need an L I need to use the on screen keyboard.

I was on vacation 2 weeks ago and logged 188 nM in Buzzards Bay in conditions from flat to 4 foot seas with winds from 5 to 25 mph. I am averaging 37 nM in 6 hours. I had one day where I had to follow the coast closer and that day I did 40 nM in 8 hrs as conditions were bad.

Last Monday and Tuesday I made 2 trips 37 nM each in 6 hrs. The first half of trip was uneventful. The trip back was a workout. Winds built to 25 MPH on Monday with 4-5 foot seas. Tuesday was worse winds were 20-30 MPH with seas ranging from 3-4 foot sets with occasional 5-6 feet with white caps.

I have a downwind sail from WindPaddle which came in handy for portions of the trip.

Buzzards Bay makes an excellent training ground as the seas can change within minutes and it can come at you from all directions. You learn how to read the water and learn something new everyday. I will be well prepared for my trip next year.




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