Well I got my computer back from the shop. I now have Windows 10 Pro and a loss of data in the reboot.

I have been busy buying equipment I will need for the trip.  I continue with my training runs. Now that the computer is back I can post pictures and video of the runs or parts of them.

I had to buy new ink for my printer and I have printed out a the nautical charts from Key West Fl to Cape May Va.which, is the bottom half of the trip.

Here is the inks to 2 videos crossing Aucoot Cove one from over my shoulder and the other from the deck camera.


Enjoy. The wind was from the NE or straight at me and a speed of 15-20 MPH. Chop 2-3 feet. Not a bad situation. Last Tuesday  I was crossing Marion Harbor which is just the other side of the point in front of me. The seas were 3-4 feet with sets of 5-6 feet with white caps.



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