Shakedown cruise the video

This is the link to the video I shot today.

shakedown video


These conditions are not for recreational kayaks or beginners.

Note in the 1 to 2 o’clock position (they are hard to see) there are 2 boats on their moorings. Count the numbers of times they disappear from the camera view. Now realize they can’t see you either.

Your major concern on the water is your safety. If you do not think they can see you then give them a wide berth, try to call them on the radio to tell them your location, or use your whistle or air horn to draw attention.

I will be crossing channels, shipping lanes, in both clear weather and fog(well lifted enough for me to see) and I will have to make my position known and about how long it will take me to cross. The rules of navigation state that commercial vessels and ferries have the right of way.

The proper radio call is security(pronounced secure eh tae) 3 times then identify yourself an what your intentions are. Wait to hear if the local coast guard or other authority tells you to wait. If you hear no objections proceed at haste and let them know when you have cleared the channel.


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