The expedition

What does it take to kayak 2000 miles along the East Coast of America?

Other than having the right equipment, planning, charts, safety equipment, food, water, and camping gear, there is your mindset.

Currently I am doing this trip solo. That means that there will be allot of stroke time by myself. Unless I run into boaters or other kayakers to talk to the solitude will have to be dealt with.

I can deal with that as most of the time I am transverse Buzzards Bay I am solo.

I find that nature is always teaching you new things if your open to it. Plus the ocean will share many wonderful events. I have seen unique jellyfish, sea turtles, fish jumping, even saw some small autonomous underwater vehicles. 

I will have periods of being in front of crowds as I will need to be doing fundraisers for Mission 22.

I will be looking for those awesome shots to take pictures and will be doing videos.

From my years of underwater recovery and emergency management I have learned not to panic and never quit.  Risk/benefit analysis was a large part of what we did. It will be a major part of my decision making process on do I paddle or do I hunker down. 

I will be posting my thoughts and experiences when I stop to rest or camp.

In truth I will not be that lonely I guess. 

I know I will have you urging me to keep going. I will appreciate that. I have been trying to raise funds to upgrade my equipment which hasn’t gone as well as I thought it would so I have been upgrading my kayak to make it sea worthy for such a trip.

I had a long talk with my oldest son and a friend and they are very supportive now that they know that I am on track and doing everything right.

Please let me know what you think. 


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