A good friend of mine gave me a small container of red feather pins. He didn’t tell me what it meant he just said look it up.

For Native Americans (I am 1/4 Cherokee) if you are given a red feather it is a sign of strength and integrity. This is an honor receiving this from someone who thinks you have these qualities

Especially with this trip coming up.

We know integrity is doing the right thing always even when no one is looking.

Strength we first think of muscular strength. But strength has many meanings look it up in a thesaurus because there are far too many to write them a here.

After reading through the list I discovered that I have a number of the traits mentioned and that I will need to call upon each and everyone of them during this trip and even planning for it.

S I want to thank my friend John for thinking so highly of me to honor me with a red feather. I will wear them proudly.


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