Chritmas time.

It is the time of year for family and parties with friends. A time to fight the crowds to get last minute shopping done.

Well those of us with PTSD have to struggle with what others can get through easily. 

Crowds make us nervous and anxious. To maintain any sense of normalcy is a struggle.

I food shop at the Target next to work. I have a hard time getting down the main aisle full of people and if the tegisters lines are backed up i begin to panic. I walk as fast as i can down the main aisle because the food section is like a sancuary. Not many people buying food. 

Then its time to run the gauntlet back to the registers. Finding a short line is a great feat of scanning and tactical manuevers. When i am done and out the door into open air i feel a great relief.

So if you know someone with PTSD and they are reluctant to put themselves in a situation that is hard to handle for them please understand it isn’t their fault. They are trying to be normal but it is extremely difficult.

Merry Christmas

If the person you know is a veteran tell them it takes a strong person to ask for help.


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