I received yet another reject letter about sponsorship of my trip. It appears from the latest that fishing is much more important than veterans lives. 

I guess in the corporate world there is no longer any room for compassion for fellow human beings or goodwill. It is about shareholder equity only.

I am still holding out hope as i still am waiting to hear from 2 other companies. I hope i am not totally dissapointed.

I am committed to this trip even though i can barely afford it. I hope i can still rely on the good hearts of good people to help me along the way.

If you are following my blog here. Please introduce yourself at one of my stops. If you kayak please cone padfle with for as long as you like.


One thought on “Depressing

  1. I would suggest more use of social media to promote and gain support. I know you have a personal page, but I suggest you make an event page that supporters and potential supports can follow you on. And of course, add a link to your web page.


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