I have 4 wonderful children 2 in their late 30’s and early 40’s and 2 in their early to.mid 20’s. 

I have always tried to set an example for them by my actions more than jusr using words. I have done this all their lives. 

I am proud how they turned out. 

Now the lesson is that sometimes thete comes a cause much bigger than you, much more important than you, one that you can no longer ignore as you go through your day to day life. I have discovered that cause. 

While i may be kayaking solo down the east coast i know i am not alone. I have my children and friends and my new friends at Mission22. I know i will also have every veteran that i come in contact with and they spread the word to watching my six. 

I will be a crowd of one!

The lesson i wish my children to take away is this

 Life is precious and while one person dies a number of people die a little too. Veterans are people and it is not just one person suffering it is whole families. When i say one man one mission to save thousands i am not only talking about the veterans but i am also trying to save families. 

I had a fathet who if he cared never showed it. So i was always going to be the father to my children that my dad wasn’t to me. The vetetans I am trying to help may be mothers and fathers, they are also sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. They are family not just theirs but as veterans they are also ours.

I said in a tv interview that their is a bond amounst vetetans that can’t be explained nor can it be broken. A bond stronger than marriage. It is this bond that drives me to help my brothers and sisters.

Hopefully those who are not vetetans will be able to understand those that are will have my six. 

I hope my children are proud of me and what i am doing. I am focused, determined, committed, and ready. 

I hope i can raise millions of dollars but more important i hope i can save thousands of lives and keep families together. Once the spouses understand PTSD i hope they will hang tough while the veteran gets help. 

Compassion and understanding are the key words.


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