Unlike dangerous waters

I have watched and listen to a few episodes of Dangerous Waters. I have never heard anything more irresponsible or ridiculous as these guys. The arrogance of these guys that think they can travel to any country without and research landed them under arrest in  Russia.

While i am not leaving the country, I have spent the last 6 months researching the route printing charts plotting, plotting courses, making spreadsheets of campgrounds, kayak shops, media, etc. Then waterproofing them all. 

Planning meals, buying most of it freeze dried for space and weight. Obtaining safety gear I didn’t have yet. I have 2 food drops established, one with a friend and the other with my sister. 

Training is a constant as is studying the water which will be important with changing tides and seas.

All my experiences on and under water has brought me to this. I am confident that i can successfully complete this trip. 

I am prepared to hunker down when necessary and go on rations to make my food and water last. 

Like the guys in Dangerous Waters i am hoping i will run into people that are willing to help me with meals and places to sleep.


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