Beyond Leadership

March 2, 2017

There comes a time when a cause is much greater than your self interest.

I have found such a cause. When the lives of 18- 22 veterans fellow humans are being destroyed I for one can not sit idle and ignore it. I cannot believe so many out there are lacking compassion for them and are not willing to help those that are trying to stop this.

What has happened to the human race? Has social media made us so callous that relationships are mere numbers. That we can use it for self interesr and post things hiding behind the net not fearing repercussuons?

The compassionate people think i am embarking on something great. Those lacking think I am crazy. They are the social media sheep who never bothered to get to really know me because i am just a number in their friend count.

I as a leader am thinking notvonly of the pain these veterans who feel so helpless that they want to end their lives. I am also thinking of their families which will be destroyed as well.

They serve this nation out of patriotism and we repay them for their service by ignoring their plight. Well sorry I cannot stand by idle while this continues. At this point in time i do not really care what you think, I can only hope to awaken your cold heart.

My mantra is: one man one mission to save thousands

My site is

I am supporting Mission22 in their quest to end vetetan suicide.

Starting May 1st from Quoddy Head Maine I will be solo kayaking the east coast raising awareness and funds to help these people get the help they deserve. My final destination is Key West Florida. I may extend the end point to Texas as Dallas is my final destination of the whole trip.

In final i believe a true leader sometimes has to take the lead and show others what it truely means to lead.


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