Thank You and particulars

First I would like to thank everyone that is following me now and those that will follow in the near future. By following it shows your support for what I am doing and it helps me stayed focused and motivated. It helps me more than you know.

Some particulars you need to know.

1.) I will be sending short blogs everyday as long as I have cell service. If the conditions allow I will take pictures with my phone so I can add them to the blog

2.) I will have 3 cameras with me 1 GOPRO 2 Nikon Coolpix S32and S33 . I will be taking video and pictures with these also. However I will need WIFI to transfer pics and vids to laptop and then to site(s) also AC power.

3.) I will have a laptop with me (see 2) so I will be able to see comments and respond when I have AC power and WIFI.

4.) for my friends on Facebook and WORDS I will seldom respond to facebook unless I think it is important, ie. when I am portaging the canal, and I am deleting WORDS until I reach my final destination. My phone has to be one of my safety devices per US Coast Guard rules for small boats. Therefore I have to minimize use to maintain battery.

5.) To the 6 people in my LIFE360 circle as long as my phone has power and knows its location you should be able to track my location at all times.

6.) Because the importance of my mission I will not take any unnecessary chances. This means if I have to hunker down for a day or more I will. It also means because of limited supplies that I can carry I will have to go on rations which I have no problem with. I know how to survive.  If the seas get rough and I can safely move inland I will move to find a protected area or the nearest island on the leeward side.

7.) If you have a kayak or any type of seaworthy boat and want to join me for a short while please do I will welcome the company. Bring chocolate milk and homemade peanut butter or oatmeal raisin cookies.



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