3 1/2 weeks to launch

Well I am in final prep stages ordering last minute items for the trip. Just received another shipment of freeze dried food to ensure I have enough for the first leg. I have 2 boxes at a friends house to restock me when I get back here. I have one more large order to go that will ship to my sisters house at the half way point.

I have large compass on order that will attach in its well near the bow.  I have ordered some Keel Tape to help protect the hull with all the landings I will be doing.

So my navigation gear will be redundant with charts, 2 compasses, electronic aids (Garminn GPS and Navioincs app on my phone).

3 sets of paddles, first aid kit with emergency blankets, fire starter, multiple knives, leatherman, repair kit, spare lines, water filtration unit, Biolite gear, stove with thermal generator, kettle pot,and grill, solar panel, waterproof case for laptop which has room for all the cables for cameras and radio. Spare batteries for lights and gps. Headlamp and minimag lights. Power strip and chargers for everything.

Splash pants dry top and drysuit, thermal layers and base layers, swimsuits, thin smart wool socks neoprene socks and kayak boots, water shoes to wear on land. boaters gloves, neoprene gloves and waterproof gloves.

Tent, footprint, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, sheet cover for pad. Tarp to cover site. Mess kit, cooking kit, small table and stool. crank/solar radio for entertainment at camp.

Baby wipes for hygiene and toilet kit to keep camps clean. Leave no trace behind!

Clothes for fundraisers and visiting family in Virginia Beach.

There is more but I think I have covered all my bases.

If you think of anything that I might need that I haven’t mentioned let me know.



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