First day what an adventure

Well we launched and pulled back in weight wasn’t balanced. Moved some stuff then it felt stable. Launched at 1:04PM from Quoddy Head Light. Paddled for 1hr stopped in cove for lunch. Kayak flipped quickly I wet exited. Walked it to shore fixed weight took off.

Made next cove seas getting rough pulled. Again reduced weight on back to front. Kayak felt very stable. 

Seas building with some 5 & 6 foot waves. Kayak handling nice. 

Came around one point then headed to next one. This put me a mile offshore. Decided to head up the channel to Machaisport to find MITA campground.

Was going to hunker down as forecast was rain for 2 days.  As I started to turn into channel the kayak flipped. I couldn’t get it righted. So I called Mayday. Gave coast guard my INFormation. They request I turn on my PLB. 

I was swimming with the kayak towards shore to stay warm. Water temp is 39. I was in the water for 1 hour and starting to chill. 

When the coast guard pulled me on board I started shivering. The made me get out of my gear and put me in a hot bag. Called ems for checkout. Took me into docks to transfer me to an ambulance. When they checked me out my body temp was 94. Heat packs and hospital.

They took blood, pulse,  blood pressure, EKG, chest Xray, IV of saline.  In the end I am fine so they released me. 

In hotel for the night then to find ride to coast guard station 46 miles away. 

Will have to empty n repack the kayak to fix weight problem before I continue.

Oh I lost my Mission22 hat and my Gamin unit. I thought the Garmin floated?

It suppose to rain hard for 2 days so I will restart after the rains if the seas are good.

This is just a minor setback.


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