Day 8

Woke up early morning with sleeping bag getting chilly. It is rated for 30 below. Between high winds and torrential rain I had enough camping on Kelly Point. 

Made breakfast of grits n hot chocolate. Packed up and portaged to Jonespo


rt. Went to mart for 2nd breakfast. While heading there I stopped and talked to a resident from western mass. Found our there are no motels and none of the b&b’s are open yet.

I am the lone tourist this time of year. 

While at mart I started google map search of coast for motel. The nearest one was too far by land to portage and by water in the prevailing conditions according to locals.

I was listening to local marine Weather with Richard Alley and the next favorable day for a kayak was wed. 

Richard offered me the use of his family home for a couple of days. Thank you Richard for your generosity.

I also found out that Richard and his father are Air Force vets. Thank you gentleman for your service.

I dropped off a few cards, bracelets and stickers from Mission22 at the mart.

Richard is again stepping up and is going to talk to his motorcycle club about doing a charity run for Mission22. 

On behalf of the veterans you will be helping a very heart felt thank you to you and your biker friends.

I know that bikers give more money to charities and organizations than any other group.

I may be stuck here in Jonesport for a few days but I feel I am amoung great friends. Thank you Jonesport for making me feel so welcomed.



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