Day 12

Had a hearty breakfast to help me recoop.

I will sit in the hot tub later.

Going into Bar harbor for a few essentials.

Yesterday while on the way here I saw a white tailed deer on one of the islands, then I saw a small orca surface 3 feet in front of me then disappear, I was on the look out for the mother as I was a few miles from shore. Of course throughout this journey there are always the seals.

I will be glad that I am getting out the Bold Coast of Maine. Not that the rocky coast of Maine isn’t beautiful and the people I have met are fantastic, but the weather and the seas can take a toll on you as well as the rain and the fog. I am grateful that I had a lengthy conversation with the Jonesport lobsterman about radar reflectors and that Richard provided me with one it has sure proven its weight in gold getting me here.

I would like to thank the Thirsty Whale Tavern for the free lunch. If anyone is in Bar Harbor Maine it is a great place to to eat. Came recommended by Coastal kayaking.

I wish I was better at remembering names but the young lady next to me is going to spread the word about Mission22. I thank you on behalf of my fellow veterans.

I had a great dinner at the hotel and getting ready to sleep. Leaving in the morning.

I have to get to Portland in 6 days.


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