Day 18 make a run for it.

Awoke at 4:45 AM think that light was the sun coming up.

Nope is was the moon finally getting around to showing up.

I got up packed up. packed the yak up turned the lights on and took off on course.

I ended up in VinalHaven and had to catch the ferry to the mainland as the seas were too dangerous for lone kayaker.

The ferry told me that in order to take my kayak it had to be on a truck. There were a couple of young guys in a dump truck. I walked over and asked if they would be willing to help a disabled vet. There was no hesitation four of us picked it up and got it into the truck and strapped down.

At the end of the trip they even helped unloaded it. Thanks guys awesome job.

While on the ferry I struck up a converastion with a gentleman about best place to launch in Rockland as the seas were still rough. He suggested St. Georges river just 3 miles from the ferry. I was starting my fourth 3 mile distance when I started getting dark and the hotel was right there.

Tried to fit the 17.5 ft kayak between the front doors at an angle…..not even close. Put the kayak locks on and locked it to the flag pole.

Honorable mention needs to be given to the ladies at Rockland Cafe and the cook for the friendly service and free lunch. Then the team at the Dunkin Donuts on the way to the river. They were interested in what I had to say about Mission22 and PTSD.



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