Day 20, 21

Too bad we can’t see into the future. I launched on the St George river. From Route 1 to the ocean would make a nice trip for the day. Relaxing natural views broken occasionally by a house here and there.

I tried to make a night run while wearing a headlamp. Doesn’t work well. Almost ran into some rocks and ran into a number of rockweed beds.

Landed on island to wait for moon. 3/4 moon isn’t bright enough so I have to wait for sun. Afraid to sleep due to tight schedule.

Moon gets bright just as sun is lightening up the eastern sky. I can see so time to launch.

Late in the day realized I am not making my fundraiser…Opportunity lost, feel like I let my fellow veterans down.

Made it to East Boothbay Harbor, had to wait for ride to portage me to Portland.

A fellow veteran has opened his house to me. I would like to thank his daughter for making an awesome chicken pot pie. That light flakey crust was awesome.

Time to sleep.


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