Mission22 main focus

A large number of people are following this blog. I am sure it is interesting and some are living vicariously through my adventure. 

I am coursing through waters that locals wouldn’t attempt to this time of year and they commend me on surviving Maine’s brutal beating and off season weather not stopping me.

However, I have not received many notifications that Mission22 is getting donations. So whole I am successful at abusing my body for a great cause I feel I am failing in my mission.

So my mantra will be in every blog here out. I have thought about monitizing the site so you have to pay to read it with all monies going to Mission22.

My purpose has not been to kayak the coast that is my end point. My mission is one that is focused on one thing and my existence is based on this…


to be successful I need to see donations start pouring in or I have failed. 

My everyday vocabulary is about the Mission22. I draw attention to myself so more people will hear and hopefully respond with their wallet.  To succeed I need your help to keep spreading the  word and getting donations. Please help me succeed.

Also veterans contact your local post o  the coast and ask them, “Why aren’t you helping this guy by setting up fundraisers? He is trying to help fellow veterans.”

Here is the webpage, contact through it with a comment.


6 thoughts on “Mission22 main focus

  1. I’ve been following your blog and the articles in the local news when you are featured. The project is impressive ! I hoped to catch you in Portland but didn’t see you at Bug Light yesterday afternoon and missed you at the Coast Guard Station this afternoon.
    Coast Guard veteran ( ’69 – ’73 ) and Veterans for Peace member.
    ( I made a contribution on May 2nd )
    Best wishes as your journey continues.


    1. Peter, conditions distance and time were against me. I couldn’t make Bug light so I had to cancel. Did make Paddle Safety day. Leaving Portland Sunday morning. Saturday is equipment replacement day I will be shopping at west marine on marginal way after noon time


      1. Joseph
        Glad to meet up with you today !
        I’ll take your message with me to D.C. next weekend.
        Best wishes for success in your journey and project.


  2. It was good meeting you in person today. My message is we have one common cause to help veterans. Even though our causes may be different it is still veterans helping veterans. We can either hold joint fundraisers or you can help set up one for a vet su0orting his cause.
    Ignoring request for help is not what veterans do.


    1. Joseph, I’m impressed with the descriptions of the journey and your resilience in the face of adversity.

      I’ve returned from Memorial Day weekend in D.C. Gave out a dozen MI22ION wristbands to survivors and four soldiers who did 22 for 22 at our VFP encampment next to the Lincoln Memorial.

      I made a request of the Veterans for Peace board of directors that they approach Mission 22 to determine if some support or cooperation would be appropriate,

      Thanks for your efforts . . . I’ll keep you posted.


      1. Thank you Peter your help is greatly appreciated. I finally made it out of Maine into New Hampshire. I am laid up a few days as my kayak is in need of major repair. I am in the process of repairing her to be better and stronger.


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