Day 23 Mission22


The best plans don’t always happen.

2 years ago my good friend and kayaking buddy John Taylor and I were kayak camping in Casco Bay. The plan was to go to Baileys Island to Morses Cribstone restaurant for lunch but, we never made it.

SO I thought that I would paddle to Bailey’s island and have lunch then paddle to Jewell to camp for the night.

Main can be cruel in May. She let me get close again then stirred up the wind and water and made me bid a hasty retreat. While kayaking back to mainland I stopped for a rest on Long Island and was informed that I could camp on Little Chebeaque island.

I went to set up camp on the more leeward side and figured in the grass 2was good. until the ticks started crawling on everything. Pulled stakes shook out the gear and retreated for the sand.

No ticks made dinner went to bed.






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