Day 25 Mission22


Good weather calm seas. A good day to make a long run. Left Little Chebeaque island and headed for Long Island  then skirted Peaks and Cushing Island.

I pulled in next to the ferry dock at Peaks island and went to a small cafe for breakfast. Delicious pastries. Nice people. One ypoung lady waiting for the ferry said hi to me so I told about what I was doing. She came into the cafe and wanted to know if we could go outside for a selfie so she could spread the word. No problem glad to do it.

Paddled from Cushing to Portland Head then down the coast. Word of warning for anyone kayaking this area the southside of Portland Head will suck you into the rocks if you get to close so give fair distance around this side like 3/4 to a mile distance,

Stopped at Cresent beach to rest and refuel. Tide went out and I got help to get boat in the water.

Couldn’t cut through between the beach and Richmond island so I had to go around. Another spot to give very wide bearth to. I didn’t go wide enough and ended up fighting through 4 crashing waves.

By the time I made it around Richmond Island I was pretty far off shore so I just started heading for this point. Turns out the other side of that point leads right to Old Orchard Beach and to Bayleys campground.

Met Dave who was pulling his boat he offer to put the kayak in his boat and take me to the campground and my site. Thanks Dave  great guy.

Settled in we will see what tomorrow brings



One thought on “Day 25 Mission22

  1. Enjoyed meeting you at Kettle Cove/Crescent beach. Made a donation and I will spread the word about your trip and the need o help Mission 22. Fair winds and calm seas!


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