Day 32 Mission22


Pease click the Mission link at tip of the page and support the cause. 

I will be launching off after breakfast n packing .

I walked a fees miles this morning to 2 locations for breakfast, both were closed. 

I found a place to eat on the way back.

I was going to complain about the first 2 but  then I got to thinking how much we complain about things in our life we have no control over. The negative energy waisted sapping the life out of us. 

We never seem to complain about things that if we put some positive energy into it we could solve a number of problems.

Prime example is our veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. While we can’t directly we can support those who are, Mission22 and their champions. The champions are those that are taking time out of their lives and paying the expenses out of their own pockets to spread the word and raise funds. We are not after fame or glory we are about raising awareness and funds to help our fellow vets in need.

What drewme to Mission22 is the fact they use a holistic approach h not a pharmaceutical one and that 100% of money raised goes to helping vets, according to charity watch.

From this day forward I will not complain about my struggles kayaking down the east coast because they pale in comparison to what my fellow vets go through on a daily basis. Ifi stay positive maybe I can attract more donors to the cause.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Libby’s Oceanside campground for providing a site for me the last few days for no charge in supporting me in my efforts to spread the word.

Well this day hasn’t ended well, capsized off of Rye, NH. While my son was transporting me and my yak the kayak folded in half. Now I am at his house and will have to buy supplies to repair it. Glad I know how to fiberglass.


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