Day 40 Mission22


Well the weather isn’t being cooperative today. High winds rain rough seas. Tomorrow is supposed to be much better. I hope so. I am so off schedule right now.

I am glad I have 2 short paddles next 2 days then a long one to get to where I need to be.

Well the Salisbury State Campground like anything in this state leaves much to be desired. I  am paying $34 a night for a water electric site which is okay as I need power but they didn’t flush the water lines so the first few minutes were rust even with a few sites in use. 

There is a camp store which would be nice if it was open I mean its the first week of June and there are a number of campers here. I was told it is under contract. Well they should cancel it and give it to someone who will run the store.

Then there is the cleaning crew for the bath houses. The guy licks them both up while he cleans one. He leaves that one locked while he cleans the other. Not to mention they were both locked while he disappeared for a few hours. What lousy service for the money you spend.

Then last night ranger rick shows up with outdated information telling me I should be gone. I said nope I paid for another night. 

I went to pay for one more night and was double billed. They had to call somebody to find out how to void one of the transactions. 

Typical state run department.


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