Day55 Mission22

After spending the night in a hotel in Scituate, I launched in the harbor and set out for Plymouth.

When I exited the harbor it 2-3 foot chop with a southwest wind between 7-9 mph.

Cutting the right angle it was slow going but steady progress. 

I made Brant Rock in Marshfield in 2.5 hours. I pulled into a safe place on the beach. I had lunch. Talked to a few people on the beach about Mission22.

I set off again for Plymouth. After a short distance of very slow to no progress the larger chop and increased winds I decided to turn around and head back to Brant Rock.

Called my support team for a pick up. 

The weather for Tuesday doesn’t look any better. Will try Wednesday early morning.

Plan is to go to Plymouth for a couple of hours talking about Mission22 in the area of the Mayflower and the Rock.

I will proceed to Scusset Beach where I will take out to portage along the canal. May stay at the state campground there over night.


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