Day 70 Mission22

Paadled from Newport to Jamestown. What looked like a bridge on the nautical chart turned out to be a land bridge. 

I talked with a couple of nice locals nd since I was close to the camp I portaged it.

He helped me get the yak on the Dollie and then up to hard ground. I took it from there.

Checked in at gate and had him work on getting me 2 more nights.

Today I walked to Jamestown and pucked apptup a fiberglass repair kit to fix the damage from the Tiverton boat ramp.

Stopped by Jamestown Press and I have a 2 o’clock appt. I also got a message from Chuck and he passed my info to Newport Press waiting for their call.

Jamestown Press went well sending out photographer in morning for photo op. 

Met Dave Ritchey a Trans Am racer who will see me tomorrow to get contact info to put Mission22 on his car for Daytona. That would be awesome. He will also set me up with contacts in Nags Head and West Palm Beach. 

Things are starting to come together. Making great contacts.


2 thoughts on “Day 70 Mission22

  1. Hey Joe:

    It’s Tim from the Press. We spoke yesterday afternoon. Can we delay that photoshoot until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning? My photographer won’t be in town in time for today. Thanks.

    Let me know if later today works, also.


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