Day89 Mission22

Found a launch site close to campground.

I went down the right side of channel since I would need to turn right at end of breakwater. Boat traffic was a little heavy but spaced apart enough for me not to have too much trouble. That is until the jerk in his big private hatch came flying up my right side throwing a 7 foot wake. I was pointed in the wrong direction. Trying to turn to a safe direction I took the first one okay. I then turned to take the rest.

I made it to east beach In Charles town, RI.

I had taken on allot of water and was looking for a calm spot to land. It was choppy 1-2 feet. I couldn’t wait the water was to the top of the seat. 

The landing was great I hit the beach straight on. As I pulled the rudder up I got hit with a second wave which turned me and because I had so much water it turned me broadside  to the wave. Took two that turned that moved me sideways, but as the water receeded the kayak rolled on the side. I took two waves like that before Brian Hume and his family came to the rescue. Thank you guys!!

I would like to thank all the people on the private East Beach for the hospitality and help especially Ashley and her mom. What a couple of great women carrying my gear to my girlfriends car.

Brian came back and we packed the kayak in his SUV what a trip that was

He followed us to Burlingame campground where we off loaded the kayak took a couple of buddy pics. 

Brian is a professional fly fisherman in Colorado. If you fly fish out there look him up.


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