Day 94 Mission22

Austin Canoe and Kayak is working with me on the rudder pin.

I have been doing a great deal of analysis about the trip so far. I have paddled 920 NM so I Don’t think my skills are in question here. 

The journey has been rough on equipment as any journey of this magnitude would.

My health is good. My spirit was a little down because a few nay sayers who Don’t know me well said I should quit. Well that word is not in my vocabulary.  I talked with two of my children today who have boosted my spirits.

What I have discovered or at least I think is the issue is the kayak. It has a high transition strip. I am not a load capacity yet this strip is underwater. I am thinking this has an effect on the kayaks stability under certain turbulent water conditions.

I will email Necky tomorrow with my thoughts to get there input. 

I am Going to try to get a different kayak. One that is slightly longer and wider with a higher weight capacity. I will not increase my current load if I do. It will give a better safety margin let the yak float higher and provide better stability.

I would really appreciate your input on this so please comment.

Thank you.



5 thoughts on “Day 94 Mission22

  1. I think a larger capacity boat makes more sense. Plastic would probably be cheaper and more durable. Good luck.


  2. If you intend to continue please be careful the waters south of you are terrible . Especially Maryland and the Carolinas. The riptides and waves are huge. There are small fishing boats tipping over in the Carolina. These boats are coming in because waters are too rough. please check into this before you continue. I’d say you already did your mission and have accomplished a great deal. why risk it. This is fate trying to warn you !


    1. Kathy and Todd
      When I get to Virginia Beach I am going to launch again from Back Bay and go down the Outer Banks on the inside to Cape Lookout near South Carolina


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