Day 96 Mission22

Smart Track Rudder Control is sending me repair parts! Thank you Smart Track!!

Trying to get more sponsors and hopefully a new kayak from Current Designs.

I had a few “expert” kayakers suggest I call it quits after 920 NM. I have had a few set backs and some equipment issues. But I don’t know what the word quit means. I have analyzed each and every situation and have learned from each.

My son put a posting on Facebook asking everyone to comment with support for me.

Here is his post.

My Dad has been getting some flak from other “expert” kayakers recently. I don’t think he started this adventure thinking it was going to be a simple quick trip. That said I’m sure he never anticipated the issues he’s had as far as equipment falling apart. Nonetheless the negativity is starting to wear on him. What he’s doing is a huge risk that he’s honored to take for fellow vets. I couldn’t be more proud of him even if I worry constantly. He has no one following him in a chase boat or car. He’s carrying all his supplies with him. He doesn’t have huge corporations sponsoring him, or helping at all. If you have been following my Dad at all and could take a second to send him a message of support it would be greatly appreciated.

So please comment.

I am waiting for all my orders to come in. I will once again reduce the weight if I continue with my current kayak.

I am trying to get Current Designs to sponsor me with a Soltice Titan GT. I feel this is a better kayak for this type of trip in the conditions I am kayaking in.


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