Day 105 Mission22

I just set up an appointment for a 25 minute show with WPLM-FM Easy99.1 for tomorrow. When I get the link I will share it.

I am waiting to hear from the kayak company still. 

I have to wait for my new glasses.

In the mean time I have been going to events spreading the word about Mission22. I went to a country fest and got Kelly and Martin to out Mission22 stickers on their guitar case, plus another performer just as I was leaving.

At the county fair there was  couple with a Memorial Fire Engine. The guy was putting the Mission22 sticker on the side window right next to the American flag.

Yesterday one if the Mission22 Ambassadors put out a Facebook post that sounded like a cry for help. A number of sprang into action even sending one guy close by to do a physical check. He was okay just having a real bad week. I would like to thank everyone that responded so quickly. 

If you know any vets that in trouble tell them about Mission22. If you are feeling that bad you will know that vets like us have your 6 and we will be there.


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