January 13, 2018

Happy New  Year!

I had to go to Social Security in New Bedford MA to get a couple of issues answered.

While the answers wete not what i wanted to hear i am satisfied.

The interesting thing is the gentleman who waited on me was missing one arm and his thumb from is other hand.  We were talking about kayaking and how he manipulates the paddle. Ingenious idea to hook one side of the paddle to his pfd.

He was saying he had trouble keeping his grip on the paddle due to the large diameter of the shaft. I gave him 2 suggestions, the colkars that slide over the shaft to give your hand better grip and the mitts that again slide over the shaft but your hands slides inside. This may hel him maintain paddle control even if his hand slips off the shaft.

Like myself where i have to figure out how to work around my disability, he is trying to figure out how to work around his. Being an avid kayaker i was happy to try and help him so he can enjoy the sport more and stay with it.

If you are a kayaker or looking to start please ask questions of avid kayakers or find a good shopto deal with.


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