May 17, 2018

tried to kayak up canal, got as far as the locks, allred lights.

I sat tgere for a few minutes waiting for a green light that wasn’t coming.

No sign stating radio freq to hail on.

I turned around and paddle short distance to marina with beach. Soft sand makes for a hardtime getting yak to hard ground. Portage 5 miles to public boat ramp.

Got to point and followed around to right. Got to the bridge and current running against me. Portage over jetty and off i go.

Got into inland water way and followed it. In one section I ran into a VietNam combat veteran. I welcomed him home and he was veey grateful for that. He thought it was absolutely what i was doing for fellow vets.

Then a short distance down i stopped to talk to a guy who just caught a stripper. We talked about Mission22 and he thought it was great too.

Another short distance I ran into a guy who just started fishing. Talked Mission with him. He was amazed.

Next guy i ran into was when i stopped to stretch my back. We talked Mission and he was amazed at the distance I am kayaking for the vets.

He also told me about a public marina a mile up the coastal. I found it but they were closed for winter. Really!! Well after 3 phone calls i got a maybe about camping there. Trivago to the rescue, found an inn for $99. Called Frank back and told him I found an alternative.

Off to the inn. I get call from owner of inn. We talked about Mission n journey. He upgraded my room. Sweet!

Okay things get better. The tub was draining slow and the water never got hot so i got upgraded to room 1. King bed or twin decisions decisions.

saw a number of deer on my journey and some of the largest horseshoe crabs ever.


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