July 5, 2018 Mission22

It was a long hard day. Launched at 8:20AM from downtown Manteo heading to Rodanthe.

It was good to get an early start as there was only a few boats out. This made the crossings much easier.

The 20 mph head wind didn’t help with progress.

Paddling along the nature areas felt like they would never end.

I stopped at the north side of Oregan Inlet and talked with a guy running a kayak fishing service. He gave me great intel on the crossing and waters down to Rodanthe.

The water gets shallow and the grass thick which slows you down to the point I had the retract the rudder most of the time. If I tried to move to deeper water the wind hampered my movement.

Crossing Oregan inlet was a challenge. I started on the sound side and had to put up with a lot of boat wake. I moved to the ocean side which was protected by an island.

Things were going good until I reached the channel. I powered through 4-6 ft waves crashing on the front deck. Then came the rip caused by a barge motoring under the bridge. This was followed by another rip then chop then a boat creating wake. I am beginning to have greater faith in the yak being able to handle this and keep me safe.

When I reached shore to take a break this guy said I just saw you on facebook yesterday. The word is getting out via social media.

So after 12 hrs of paddling I finally made Rodanthe. I ended up taking out at Kitty Hawk Kites ramp. Then a family helped me get the yak to 5he KOA in his truck. I was exhausted by then landing at 9:20 PM.

Set up camp ate a package of fig newtons for dinner went to bed.


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