Kelty tarps

I think the people who design these products should try them in every possible use you can think of.

Trying to use it as a wind block over your tent so the tent doesn’t collapse for instance.

I found the tarp to absolutely useless in any wind above 10 mph in an open space situation. The fact that it isn’t square or rectangular adds to the aggvrevation of yrying to use it.

The stakes are a soft material and bend easy. They are too short for sand so I am not sure what type of soil they were thinking of. Certainly not hard soil or rocky soil.

The only time I have found it useful is when I could tie the corners on one end to something like trees or canopy and the other end staked to the ground or tied to other trees. I used stakes from my tent as kelty stakes easily come out of the ground even if driven in all the way.

So if you looking for a light weight tarp buy someone elses.

Oh the pockets they have on the corners will not hold the lines after you used it once. The lines tangle easily into knots. The plastic tensioners don’t work because the plastic is smooth as well as the line.

It has become a great disappointment. maybe it would make a good ground cloth if i took the lines off.


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