July 10, 2018 Mission22

When will I ever learn not to listen to marine reports. They are seldom accurate. T pi day was suppose to be 10 mph N winds 1-2 ft seas. Okay 20-30 mph N winds 2-3 ft seas with white caps. I was headed west which meant the wind and waves were on my right most of the time, which meant all the water on my right paddle landed on me.

I made it from Buxton to Frisco in 3 hours I should have made hatteras if the report was correct.

I pulled into Frisco Woods Campground and got a site right on the sound. Maybe Chris will move NE tolnight and conditions will improve.

Ran into a Navy veteran at the campground who heard about the trip on Pirate radio 95.3 FM. Thanks Gunner.

Decided to paddle off into the sunset hahaha


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