July 20, 2018 Mission22

Just got back from a breakfast meeting with 2 great gentleman.

Grady Paul Davis Founder/President of Weekendswithwarriors.org

Anthony Waldrep Regional Vice President of Weekendswithwarriors.org

Grady happen to see the news broadcast and contacted me through my site.

It is refreshing to sit down with other vets whose total focus is saving vets and saving families. Working with vets who don’t care who or how you served and that we are all brothers and sisters equally under the flag.

They have a great willingness to cooperate with Mission22. They will send vets our way and they will receive vet referrals from us. This is how vet groups should operate no competition just cooperation.

I will send an email to Cindy at Mission22 telling her about the meeting.

The weather will hold me here til tomorrow.


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