C-TUG Dollie Repair

c-tug is great product I think one of the best on the market for expedition kayaking. However, while it is rated for 250 lbs static, it doesn’t fair too well 160 lbs dynamic. On average I portage 2-4 miles each way from landing to campground or hotel.

I am on my third c-tug this trip. I replaced just the wheels and bushing this time instead of whole dollie.

The axles didn’t last long as they were worn creating wheel wobble. Friction generates heat which melts the plastic on the axles. Note: bushings should be replaced frequently to avoid this.

The tip on the axle on the one side broke off taking the slide lock with it. 2 fender washers and a 1/4″ self tapping lag screw fixed it for now.

The outer bushing on the other side completely disappeared. A 3/4″ PVC coupling and a piece of water bottle plus a little shaving of the axle did the trick.

I will let you know how long these last.


One thought on “C-TUG Dollie Repair

  1. These things are not made for cross country kayak pourtaging. In retrospect a custom-made titanium collapsible yak cart would’ve worked wonderfully.And your yak would’ve taken all the little bumps instead of the cart and you’d be on your fourth kayak by now.


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