Help needed for Florida

Well I made it to South Carolina and found out about the green algae from Lake O going to both coast and the red tide mainly on the gulf side.

For the safety of my own health this has put a big damper on my mission.

So spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law in Florida I have come up with a plan but it requires help from people in Florida.

I will resume my mission in Charleston, SC and continue south. I will paddle the Florida coast down to Cocoa Beach, then I will need a transport to the other side of Miami, past the green algae plume, to resume the trip to Key West.

I will paddle the gulf side defendant on the algae red tide situation to just before the polluted waters. Then again I will need transport around into safe waters. This process will be repeated all along the gulf coast and panhandle of Florida.

Please comment on areas/locations you know are polluted and if there is a way you can help. Thank You.


I will be returning to Charleston, SC on Monday to continue my mission.


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