August 21, 2018 Mission22

Meeting Kate Walsh from the Island News for breakfast and an interview. Then it’s time to look at left rudder to see if I can repair it. I hope it’s something simple.

I was thinking of stopping at Hilton Head but I will go to Tybee Island GA.

Well the day was a lesson in preventive maintenance. It took all day plus the help of a local man to get the cable out of the adjuster. It took a combination of soaking it in liquid wrench and then putting it in the fire then quenching repeat many times.

I had walked the few miles to the hardware store to get what I needed but bought the wrong size cable.

I ended up asking Kate for a ride to get right cable. Thank you Kate for the ride and your generous donation you are truly a great person.

I am back in the Quality Inn for another night. I finally figured out how to get the cable on the foot paddle.

I need to find someone with cable cutters to get a clean end to feed through the tube.


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