August 27, 2018 Mission22

Left camp and took the short walk to river beach. Launched there and headed a hundred feet or more offshore. Rounded the corner and headed south.

Ran into a vet in his Epic kayak training for his next race. I am sure he will do well.

Ran into 2 other kayakers who had been out fishing. Heading in due to weather.

I paddled past Tybee and little Tybee islands and made it to the south end of Ossabaw island.

Set camp ate dinner and settled in. Peace was broken by sudden rain storm. I has to quickly set up tarp over the tent in the rain to stay dry.

Met the island turtle lady. Mattie!

The wind and the fine sand made a mess of the inside of the tent. You can’t avoid it.

With everything wet decided to stay another night.


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