During this trip I meet a large number of people just striking up conversations about a number of things. Kayaking, camping, Mission22, SUP, navigation, weather, or their boat.

That amazing thing that comes out of these conversations is they want to go out of their way to help me. I mean total strangers helping a stranger. I believe this is due mainly to the cause and also the inspiration I instill in them for my method of raising awareness.

It certainly renews my faith in humanity that we still live in a great nation. It has not only been Anericans but Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and Scandinavian tourist willing to help.

People have opened their homes, shared their food, and asked tons of questions to understand my history, motivation, and the Mission22 cause. They have provided transportation and even multiple times if I needed it.

Businesses have provided discounts or no charge for stays and meals. People have paid for my lunch and dinner and thanked me for my service and especially thanked me for doing this trip.

If these people are reading this I am eternally grateful.

You help motivate me to persevere and continue to the end.

I will make it to mile marker zero. It would be great for you to be there to celebrate. I know you will be there in spirit.


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