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My Name is Joseph i am a Navy Veteran 70-74. I got out on a medical.

I have PTS from 2 suicide attempts aand being shot at when I was 17. From watching my wife die of ovarian cancer

over the course of 3 years and performing underwater recovery for 20 years.

I became an Ambassador for Mission22 because too many of my brothers and sisters were losing the battle to their war at home. We started at 22 per day and now we ate at 18 – 20 per day

This is still an unacceptable number and it pains me that I haven’t saved more of you.

This country has sent you into harms way, maybe not prepared enough for the trauma you would experience..

You have seen the horrors of war and tragically witnessed the lost of comrades. It isn’t fair that you feel there is no hope that no one cares. Well you are wrong there is an army of people In different organizations who will reach out to you. Some with holistic programs so you don’t have to feel like a drug zombie. These programs have worked for hundreds of combat veterans.

Suicide doesn’t fix anything! Yes it may end your pain but it only increases the pain for those you leave behind. It changes their problem to one that is far worse than the one you imagined that led you down that dark road.

Those of you who keep asking yourself why am I alive when I should have died with my buddies? I don’t have answer for you other than your lifes mission hasn’t been completed yet. What is that mission? You will just have to keep living and trying to figure it out. I attempted suicide twice within a week of each try. I was 17 I had friends and family that loved me but I just couldn’t see where I fit in. I couldn’t see a future. I am now 68 and I am still trying to figure what my mission is supposed to be. I have no answers no hints no clues. My only guess is to constantly help others. I am one of Karma’s good tools.

Some may not agree with the next part of this message but I want you to get angry at me and think about what I am about to say carefully because you will see I am right.

if you commit suicide you are doing a disservice to those you lost in the war. Because you carry their memory which keeps them real and telling their story allows them to be remembered for their bravery and their courage. Your mission is to preach their story to ever will listen and their are plenty that will.

When you were on patrol and all hell broke loose you relied on each other but you called for support. Mmaybe artillery maybe air maybe reinforcements and prayed they responded in time.

Now you are fighting the war at home battling the demons. You need to call for support you need to call us. If you lose this war you have given up on those that died in war. You not only will destroy yourself but you will have killed the memory of them. That is not fair to you or them.

It takes a village to heal. It takes your family your friends your fellow Veterans who all want to help you. They want to see you win this war. To persevere to call on your Inner strength and beat your demons. Win the fight for you and to keep your comrades alive by sharing their memories.

You were trained to be strong use that training now. It takes a much stronger person to call for support than to tough it alone.

If you let the demons win not only did you lose the war but you took your comrades family and friends with you.

It is not an easy war you’re fighting but it is one you have to fight with everything you got. I have been fighting my war for 51 years now. I hope that inspires you to keep going.


One thought on “Media campaign newspaper and radio

  1. Joe this is a wonderful sharing of the heart for your brothers in arms. It’s also a good opportunity for those without PTSD to understand a little more about the affliction.


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