I just got back from a 3 day kayak camping trip. Brought 4 days of food and 5 days of water.

After we paddled to the island and set up camp we went out kayaking around the bay and stopped to do some fishing.

Second day we exited the bay into 3-4 foot chop and winds 15-20 MPH for a 2.5 nautical mile paddle down the coast for lunch. The wind and waves were pushing down but the trip back was worse. The seas went to a steady 4 feet and the winds went to 20- 25 gust of 30 mph. I chose a position a half a mile off shore where it was more manageable. Then the tide changed. Now we not only have waves coming head on we have a secondary action coming from the left. We adjusted or course to 10 -15 degrees off wind to conserve energy.

To get back into the narrow inlet we had to time the turn just right to stay stable. The eddies in the inlet were many and moved my kayak easily as it wished. You no sooner get out of one spinning one way to hit the next spinning the opposite. I wish my yak had a rudder to make it easier to control.



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