Blustery day on the water

I went out yesterday in 2-3 foot seas and 15-20 mph winds. A short time later the seas went to 3-4 and the wind  20-25 mph. decided to try the sail. First attempt went flying across the water had good control. Paddled back and tried again. The wind was gusty and the sail was difficult to launch and handle. It kept trying to be a sea anchor. When I got the sail to be a sail the ride was fantastic.

I met a couple who were enjoying the day on Long Beach Point. They had recreational kayaks.

While there a power boat ran aground on Long Beach Point that was under water and shallow. The boater buried is out drive past the top of the prop in the sand. Lucky he didn’t make it to the other side where the rocks are.

The kayaker and I went to help them get their boat back in deep water. It required the owner digging a hole around the out drive with his foot. Then 3 of us lifted the stern by the swim platform so that he could raise the outdrive. That done we turned the boat 180 degrees pointing the bow toward deep water. Once out enough he could lower the drive and motor home. It was fun trying to spin the boat since the winds increased again to 25 -30 mph and the seas went to to 4-5 feet.

All the kayaks left the beach heading home. I was last, as I exited the beach I took a couple of waves over the cummy and had to pump some of it out. As I was paddling out I notice the young lady being tossed around by the wind and the waves. I decided to change course and to check on her as her boyfriend was way ahead of her. She said she was okay but I could see she wasn’t. I took off for calmer water and then retrieved my towline from the back attach. I put on the towline and went back for her. She told me that it wasn’t necessary and I told her she didn’t have a choice. I then towed her to the beach.

She told me how grateful she was and admitted that she couldn’t have made it.  We said our goodbyes and will meet in a couple of weekends to kayak again, hopefully under much better conditions. I pumped out my kayak and paddled home.

Valuable lessons learned by all that day. I should have put on the towline before leaving the beach. It would have saved valuable time. They learned that their kayaks were beyond their limit for the conditions we were in.

We all made it home safely which is a good day.


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