Wareham to Mattapoisett 37NM

Well after a couple of days I tried again. This time I monitored CH 16 so I could hear if they were searching for me again and I could tell them I was fine.

The conditions going over were pretty good not to rough so paddling was easy. I turned in Mattapoisett Harbor for the run to Ned’s Point Light and the wind was head on and the seas went to 2 feet. Good workout before lunch, 30 minutes on shore having lunch talked to a few people then back on the water.

My luck wind changed and picked up speed. Tide coming in so it was 2-4 foot seas 15 mph winds and fight tide. Damn I love Buzzards Bay never fails to give you a work out and test your skills.

I had my WindPaddle sail with me so I sailed back for awhile until the sail became a burden then I stowed it and went back to paddling.

I used the sail to get across Marion Harbor due to boat traffic and then part of the last leg back to my beach.

Haven’t decided if I will be using the sail on my trip as there are issues with using it it winds that are not steady. Then it wants to become a great sea anchor.

I will be back out tomorrow to try this trip again.

Final note I purchased a sos distress flag today to add to my safety equipment.





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