Coast Guard SAR

I was out paddling for distance Friday. When I was paddling by Bird Island in Marion the seas we’re rough 2-3 feet and multiple direction bit I found the best track and worked through it. Then on the other side of the island there was a condition where there were cups or bowls of water that collapsed on you from all side at once. Again nothing I couldn’t handle. Well someone saw me bouncing around and called the Coast Guard saying I was in distress. 

This prompted a search by Marion harbor masters and tow boat us. I was surprised on my paddle back to find out they had been looking for me for an hour.

Had a good discussion with the harbormaster and informed him I would be making that run frequently. I also told him that I would keep my radio on and monitor the chatter in case it happens again I can call and cancelled it.

I am making the run again the next 2 days. I think I will be adding a distress flag to my list of safety gear.


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