More planning

Today I spent all day with maps, charts, books, computer with Google maps and spreadsheets.

I have plotted my course on the charts but they aren’t very good at showing towns. The maps show the towns but no details of the town. So Google maps in satellite mode shows details. Once I find a place to hold a fundraiser close to the water then the town and place get entered into the spreadsheet. Then I place a gold star on the chart to mark it.

Once the charts are gold star and all notations are added they get laminated.

Then it is time to email possible sponsors for equipment and keep my fingers crossed.

A side note I must mention. My good friend and kayak buddy gave me a container of red feather pins.  I researched the significance of the red feather. Native Americans say that if you receive a red feather it is a sign of strength and integrity. I thanked John for them and he stated that I have more than anyone he knows or has met. 

Embarking on this journey that means allot to me. So when you see me with my Mission 22 hat on you will see the red feather.


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