Coast Guard thanks!

My planned training run today was Wareham to Falmouth crossing Buzzards Bay and the shipping channel that leads to the Cape Cod Canal.

I made the start of Hog Channel and started to cross. I made it to the green bell buoy when the wind kicked up. I immediately went from 2 foot chop to 4 to 6 coming in all directions. 

Abort abort!!

I turned around and headed back towards Great Hill (Stoney Point to locals) point to calmer water. I would stop occasionally to study the action of the wind and water and also what effect it had on the kayak. 

As I approached the point I hear diesel motors behind me and thought it was a fishing boat. The engine noise kept increasing and decreasing as the boat sped up and slowed down. This isn’t normal so I turned around to see the coast guard off my starboard stern.

I think I surprised them when I called them on the radio.

“Coast Guard boat off Stoney Point behind the orange kayak…this is the orange kayak do you need me?”

Silence…..”.orange kayak this is the coast guard we just wanted to know if you are okay”

“Coast Guard orange kayak I am an avid open  water kayaker doing a training run for a 2000 mile trip next year I am fine”

I can hear someone say what?

“Orange kayak okay we got to go”

” coast Guard thanks for checking up on me appreciated”

Glad I carry a radio so I could get them back on patrol and to know I can reach them if I really did need them.


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