day 13

checked out of hotel on the beach packing the yak.

heading out of Bar Harbor and heading west as far as i can.

looking at the MITA app there is plenty of islands to camp on tonight.

sunny n warm today good day to paddle.

Stopped in Southeast Harbor for lunch. No wifi but Beal’s Lobster Pier has charts on all the tables you just need to find the table with the chart you need. A local and I found the right cart and it helped me out.

Went to the island I thought was a MITA campsite but the access was only at high tide. wasn’t going to wait for 2 high tides so I did a night run to the next island with nice sand beach.

Pulled kayak up above hightide line and set up minimal amp tent and sleeping pad and pillow. Slept in clothes and drysuit. Early in the morning the temp dropped and I was freezing. used an emergency blanket to get warm.



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