Day 14

Awoke shivering and damp. Fired up my stove and made hot oatmeal for breakfast. Broke camp and set off west at 6:45 AM.

With the wind to my back and the seas fairly calm I made good time island hoping.

I finally made it to Stonington in time as I just ran out of water with the town in site.

Found a ramp put the yak on the dolly and went into town to find a market and lunch.

Stocked up the water and got more cheese. Fog rolled in which keeps me off the water.

Found nice motel with good rates. Received a 20% discount for Mission22 work.

Let us see what tomorrow brings.


One thought on “Day 14

  1. Hi Joseph,
    We saw you on the water yesterday. I’m not sure you saw us – we were the kayak group just leaving Russ Island (just before you get to Stonington) as you made your way from Camp Island. I’ve been following your progress and wondered if we might see you out there. Wish I could have said hello in person, but I’m glad to hear you’re in Stonington and that you didn’t venture off toward the Fox Islands with that massive wall of fog bearing down on us. Despite the many miles you have ahead of you, I hope you get a chance to explore a bit while you’re passing through. I know your trip is to build awareness for a cause, but – hey, you’re paddling in a gorgeous place that deserves to be enjoyed! Also glad to hear you’ve got a place to hunker-down today- it’s getting a bit gnarly out there ( I just landed an hour ago).


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